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Some of your most frequently asked questions are about the English requirement. Be sure to check out our information page on documenting your English. You can find answers to your most common questions here as well.

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Common questions

All students must have successfully completed sufficient studies in English, even if English is their first language. You can meet the English requirement through certain upper secondary qualifications from certain countries, previous university studies, or by taking an internationally recognised English test.

For more information regarding exemptions and what needs to be submitted, please see English language requirement

Submit a copy of your test taker score to University Admissions, either by uploading a scan of the original document or through regular mail.

University Admissions will then be able to verify your score online. If your score cannot be verified, it will not be accepted. The TOEFL test can be verified for up to 2 years after the test date.

Are you living in China?

Students in China cannot download the pdf of their test taker score. Specific instructions can be found on your country information page.

All applicants must demonstrate that they meet the English requirement in order to study in Sweden. The same is true of Swedish students who apply for courses taught in Swedish - just having Swedish as your native language does not prove you have the skills in Swedish necessary to study at the higher education level.

There are three ways to meet the English requirement:

  • through certain upper secondary studies;
  • through certain university studies; or 
  • by a successful result on an approved English test. 

Please see English language requirements for further information.

If you applied to bachelor's level

Applicants to bachelor's studies are required to document their proficiency in English. Even if the language of instruction of the upper secondary school programme was English, applicants are required to document that they have achieved the level of English required for the bachelor's programme they've applied to.

Some completed upper secondary studies in certain countries are enough to demonstrate that you meet the English requirement. If your country is not one of them, you'll need to submit test scores from an internationally recognised English test.

You can find out if you can meet the English requirement through your upper secondary studies by reading the required documents information for your country of study. 

Required documents

Read more about documenting your English proficiency at English language requirements

Please note: We are unable to answer questions or make a decision beforehand regarding documents submitted for the English exemption and ask that you wait until the review of your application is completed.

If you applied to master's studies

All students who wish to study a master’s programme in Sweden must document that they have met the English requirements for the programme. Even students with English as their first language must document that they meet the requirements for the programme they have applied for. However, some students can document this without submitting formal test evidence from an internationally recognised test, such as TOEFL or IELTS.

In general, students who have completed a bachelor’s degree where the language of instruction was English, or where English was the main subject, do not need to submit test scores. There are other exceptions as well. They do, however, need to document their English competence and in a specific way. 

Read more about English language requirements

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