Final year of bachelor's studies

Students in their last year of studies who don't yet have documentation of their soon to be completed degree can be accepted by universities.

If you haven't completed your final year of studies

As a master's applicant, you're required to document all semesters of your studies. Universities may consider your application if you:

  • are in your last year of studies
  • provide an official transcript for all completed semesters to date
  • submit documentation from your university certifying that you are an active student in your last year
  • provide documentation that you meet the English requirement

Please note that you must complete all steps in the application process and provide any other requested documentation by the deadline. 

Official documentation from your current university

Submit an official document stating that you're a currently enrolled student and participating in your last year of studies. The document must be issued through and signed by a representative of the Academic Registrar's Office, the Examinations Office or equivalent. 

Are you currently studying at a university in Sweden?

It's important that you follow the instructions at the university's website to find out what you need to do if you're in your final year of bachelor studies. You can always contact them if you have any questions. 

You can use our statement of enrolment status form

University Admissions in Sweden has created a form you can use to help your university document your last year of studies.

The form is not required: your university can write their own letter or use their own form if they'd like. In this case, the document should be provided in English. It should also state the name of the degree in both the original language and in English. 

If you decide to use the form, simply follow the instructions provided.

Statement of enrolment status form for students in their final year (pdf)

If you haven't yet received your diploma

If you've completed your bachelor's studies but are waiting for your official diploma to be issued, please follow these steps in order to document your studies:

  • First, check the specific documentation requirements for your country of study. It's possible that you have special instructions if you haven't yet received your diploma. 
  • Submit your complete, official transcript issued by your university.
  • Submit a document from your university certifying that you've completed your bachelor's programme and are waiting for your diploma. This document must be issued through and signed by a representative of the Academic Registrar's Office, the Examinations Office or equivalent. Signatures from other staff members, such as teachers/professors, will not be accepted.

If you've been conditionally admitted

If you’ve been conditionally admitted with the help of certification from your university, you may be required to present your complete transcript and/or official diploma once you register at your university at the start of the semester in Sweden. Be sure to check with the university you'll be attending to find out what's required.

We suggest you upload your documents here at as soon as you get them so that they're registered in the admissions system when you arrive in Sweden.

Are you studying a programme that starts at the bachelor's level and ends with a master's-level qualification?

If you're in a degree programme that's five years or longer that ends with a master's degree, it's possible the programme doesn't award a bachelor's degree. 

If you've finished the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree, universities may consider your application if you submit:

  • officially issued transcripts for all completed years/semesters
  • a certificate or letter issued by the university that explains the structure of your education, confirms that they don’t issue bachelor degree certificates and indicates they consider that you have the equivalent of a bachelor's degree



Last updated: 01 June 2023