Master's requirements

To be eligible for master's courses and programmes taught in English, you must meet the general and specific entry requirements.

General entry requirements

To meet the general entry requirements for master's level (second cycle) studies, you must have been awarded a Bachelor's degree (equivalent to a Swedish kandidatexamen) from an internationally recognised university.

The Swedish kandidatexamen is the degree received after completing studies at the bachelor's level. Applicants with foreign qualifications need the equivalent of the Swedish Bachelor's degree (kandidatexamen) to be eligible for studies at the master's level (second cycle).

Does my degree meet the requirement?

We've provided more specific information about what qualifications from your country of study meet the general requirement. 

Find out more at your country of study page

Specific entry requirements

Many master's level courses and programmes require the completion of specific bachelor's programmes or courses in certain subject areas. They're most often related to the subject of the course or programme you've applied for.

These specific requirements are outlined in individual course or programme descriptions which are found on the university's website. You can find a link to these descriptions from both the search results and your application here at 


English is always a specific entry requirement at the master's level. This means the university can decide what Swedish course in English you must have the equivalent of. In almost all cases, this is the Swedish course English 6. On rare occasions, a course or programme can require the equivalent of English 5 or English 7.

Find out more about the English language requirements. 

Last updated: 08 March 2023