Autumn semester dates

The following are the key dates for application to the autumn semester. There are separate dates for master's and bachelor's, and for the two admissions rounds.

Key dates for autumn semester 2022

All deadlines are midnight CET (Central European Time) at the end of the day on the date indicated. All dates are in 2022, unless otherwise noted.

  Master's, First admissions round Bachelor's, First admissions round Bachelor's + Master's Second admissions round
Application round opens 18 October 2021 18 October 2021 15 March 2022
Application deadline + last day to rank your courses** 17 January 17 January 19 April
Application fee deadline 1 February 1 February 3 May
Deadline to document fee exempt status (EU/EEA) 1 February 1 February 3 May
Supporting documentation deadline 1 February 1 February 21 June *
Admissions results published 7 April 13 April 12 July
Last day to reply to your offer  Your university will contact you if you must reply  Your university will contact you if you must reply  By 22 July here in your account
Second admissions results (no reply required) Not required Not required 28 July
Autumn semester starts Aug/Sept Aug/Sept Aug/Sept

* If you're completing your upper secondary studies in an EU/EEA country, Switzerland or an IB/EB programme, you have until 5 July to submit your documents. All other supporting documents should be submitted together with your application.

If you haven't yet submitted documents you have on hand, submit them as soon as possible. Don't wait - upload them right away. 

IB students, please read more about submitting your results

** How you rank your courses and programmes can affect your admissions results.

Find out more about ranking for master's applicants

Find out more about ranking for bachelor's applicants

Last updated: 04 March 2022