Admissions results

After admissions selection, results are posted in your account here at in the 'Application' section.

Where can I find my results?

Your results are listed in two places in your account:

  • on the 'Application page'
  • in a PDF document called Notification of Selection Results - you'll find the link on the 'Application page'. 

Understanding your results

There are several different results you may find on your notification.


This means you've been offered a place in the course or programme. 


There are two reasons a course/programme is deleted:

  • you didn't meet the entry requirements, for example due to missing documents, verification difficulties or insufficient knowledge of English
  • you've been offered a place in another course or study programme you ranked higher in your application

Find out more about how ranking works for master's

Find out more about how ranking works for bachelor's

Reserve or Res

This means you've been placed on a waiting list.

Your notification may additionally say "Documentation required". That means you will need to submit further documentation if you are offered a place later on. See "Conditionally admitted" for further details.

Not processed

Late applications will be marked 'Not processed'. Late applications are processed after selection at the discretion of the university, if places become available.

Conditionally admitted

There are two main reasons why an applicant is admitted on condition:

  • they're required to pay tuition fees
  • they have documentation they still have to submit in support of their application

Tuition fees

Students who are required to pay tuition fees will be listed as 'Conditionally admitted' on their Notification of Selection Results. Your status will still be listed as 'Conditionally admitted' even after you've paid the tuition fee. This is because our computer system isn't connected to the universities' tuition payment systems.


There are other reasons why an applicant may have been conditionally admitted. If this is the case, you'll receive instructions from your university about what you need to do to finalise your acceptance.

Official copy of your Notification

Your notification is available online as a printable PDF file, so no hard copy is sent by regular mail or email. The print-out serves as the official document and should be used when you need to present an official copy of your selection results.

No reply required for First round

If you applied to the first round for the autumn or spring semester, you don't need to reply to your offer here at Further contacts regarding registration, textbooks, housing, etc. will be made with the university you're planning on attending. Welcome to Sweden!

If you decide not to attend the course/programme you've been offered a place in, please be sure to decline it. You can do this right here at in your account. This makes the place available for students on the waiting list.

Find out more about first and second round

Reply required for Second round

If you applied to the second round for autumn or spring semester, you must reply to your first Notification of Selection Results in order to:

  • keep the places you've been offered, or
  • remain on the reserve/waiting list for the second selection round.

For the second Notification, you don't need to reply to courses you wish to keep, but should decline those courses you aren't planning on attending. This makes those places available for students on the waiting list.

Find out more at replying to your offer

Find out more about first and second round


It's possible to appeal decisions regarding your eligibility for courses and programmes you've applied for. You can only submit an appeal after you've read your admissions notification.

Not all admissions decisions can be appealed. It's important to find out what can and cannot be appealed before submitting one. 

What can be appealed?

You may appeal decisions made on your Notification of Selection Results regarding whether you meet the general and specific entry requirements for a specific course or programme. 

Other decisions cannot be appealed, such as:

  • late or incomplete applications,
  • cancelled courses or programmes or
  • the selection result - whether or not you were offered a place.

Instructions for writing an appeal

There is specific information you must include in your appeal. You can use the Appeals guide or submit a written appeal.

Appeals guide

The easiest way to submit your appeal is to do so online using the Appeals guide. Log in to your account here at and go to the ‘Documents’ tab. Follow the instructions there for submitting your appeal. You must include the following:

  • what decision you’re appealing
  • why you think the decision should be changed
  • what change you're requesting
  • indicate the date you received your admissions results

You can upload documents in support of your appeal, if you’d like, right in the Appeals guide

Written appeal

You can also submit your appeal in writing. In your letter, include the following information:

  • what decision you're appealing
  • why you think the decision should be changed
  • what change you're requesting
  • which university the appeal concerns

Begin the appeals letter with "To the Higher Education Appeals Board".

Submitting your appeal

The easiest way to send in your appeal is by using the appeals guide here at this website. You can scan in your supporting documents and upload them in the guide.

You can also upload your appeals letter if you wish to submit your appeal that way.

If you don't have access to a scanner, you can also submit your appeals letter by regular post. The address is:

PostNord Strålfors AB
Att: University Admissions in Sweden
R 312
SE-190 81 Rosersberg

When can I submit my appeal?

What you're appealing is your admissions decision, as indicated on your Notification of Selection Results. You must first receive your notification before you can submit your appeal.

Your appeal must reach University Admissions in Sweden no later than three weeks from the date you read your admissions decision.


Is your appeal for Chalmers University of Technology, Marie Cederschiöld University, Stockholm School of Economics, Jönköping University, The Red Cross University College of Nursing, Sophiahemmet University College, Johannelunds Theological University College or University College Stockholm? If so, your appeal must begin with "To the Vice-Chancellor" as these universities themselves are the decision-making authority for the appeal. 

Response to the appeal

First, the university will review your appeal to see if there are grounds to reverse their decision. The university will then forward your appeal to the Higher Education Appeals Board. The decision that the Appeals Board makes is final and cannot be appealed.

New documents in support of your application

As stated earlier, you can appeal decisions regarding whether you meet the general and specific entry requirements. If you wish to submit new documents in support of your application, please do not include them with an appeals form/appeals letter. Instead, submit your documents separately to University Admissions as soon as possible. 

In order for your new documents to be considered, you must reapply. 

Reapplying to courses and programmes

Last updated: 06 March 2023