Declining places you don't wish to keep

If you've been offered admission, we certainly hope you'll be coming to Sweden! If you won't be attending, it's good that you decline your offer so waiting list students can be awarded the place.

How do I decline my admissions offer?

You can do so right here in your account. Simply follow the instructions given under 'Application' after you log in.

If you've been offered a place later in the process - because you've been on the waiting list or your late application was reviewed - you can also decline your offer here on your account.

Why is it important that I decline my place if I don't want it?

There are applicants on waiting lists who are hoping to be offered a spot. Declining your place makes it available to the waiting applicant. In this way, universities can get an early idea of which students will be attending their course or programme.

If I decline my place, can I later change my mind?

If you decline your place, the course or programme is deleted. If you're later interested in it, you must submit a late application - as long as the course or programme is still open for application.

Chances are unfortunately slim that you'll be offered a place after declining it, so be sure of your decision before doing so.

What if I've already started a course but don't want to continue? Should I decline on the website?

If you've already started a course - even just attended the first attendance meeting - contact the university to unregister. 

Last updated: 01 February 2023