I'm going to study in Sweden! What's next??

Congratulations! You've been offered a place in a course or programme and will be studying in Sweden. Find out what your next steps should be.

Most of your contacts will now be with the university you've chosen to attend. You can also find answers to your questions at Studyinsweden.se.

Questions regarding your course or programme

Any questions you have about the course or programme you'll be studying, schedules, registration etc. should be directed to the university where you'll be studying.

University contact information

Living in Sweden

You can find information regarding housing, medical insurance, working in Sweden, social life and much more at Studyinsweden.se.

You can also contact the university where you'll be studying for information regarding housing and other issues related to living in Sweden.

University contact information

Resident permit

Students who do not have citizenship in a European Economic Area (EEA) country require a resident permit to study in sweden. The best way to apply for a resident permit is online. Please go to the website of the Swedish Migration Agency for more information. 


Scholarships are available for international students from The Swedish Institute and various Swedish universities. You can find more information at the Scholarships page. In most cases, it's too late to apply for scholarships in Sweden if you've already been offered a place.

Last updated: 19 October 2022